Libelium Cloud


Libelium Cloud features:
  • Store, visualize and analyze the data received from your Air Quality Station devices.
  • Remotely manage all your devices.
  • Over The Air firmware upgrade.
  • Connectors to send data to Clouds in the market: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure,...
  • A.I. Libelium Services to generate your own models automatically in a few steps.
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Devices profile

The "Devices" section permits you to display all Libelium devices you have in possession.
Libelium Cloud

AI Services

This section allows the user to generate A.I. models automatically with no special knowledge required.
Please refer to the "Colocation calibration" section for further information.
Further information of Libelium AI Services:
AI Services
Libelium Cloud


Libelium Cloud supports several tools to manage received data from devices:
  • Dashboards
  • Third party Cloud connectors
  • Download CSV files
  • etc.

Cloud connectors

Libelium Cloud
For instance, Cloud connectors transmit all single data including the next info:
"device_serial": "AQS123456789",
"device_name": "Dev 32",
"variable": "NO-B4",
"variable_name": "no_algorithm_ug",
"value": 123.123,
"units": "ug/m3",
"ts": {
"date": "2022-05-11 08:48:23.0000000",
"timezone_type" 3,
"timezone": "UTC"
Where it is possible to find the "value" and "units" of the data itself indicated in "variable" and "variable_name".

Variables and names

Air Quality Station data
Libelium Cloud