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General and safety information

  • In this section, the term "Waspmote" encompasses both the Waspmote device itself and its modules and sensor boards.

  • Read through the document "General Conditions of Libelium Sale and Use".

  • Do not allow contact of metallic objects with the electronic part to avoid injuries and burns.

  • NEVER submerge the device in any liquid.

  • Keep the device in a dry place and away from any liquid which may spill.

  • Waspmote consists of highly sensitive electronics which is accessible to the exterior, handle with great care and avoid bangs or hard brushing against surfaces.

  • Check the product specifications section for the maximum allowed power voltage and amperage range and consequently always use a current transformer and a battery which works within that range. Libelium is only responsible for the correct operation of the device with the batteries, power supplies and chargers which it supplies.

  • Keep the device within the specified range of temperatures in the specifications section.

  • Do not connect or power the device with damaged cables or batteries.

  • Place the device in a place only accessible to maintenance personnel (a restricted area).

  • Keep children away from the device in all circumstances.

  • If there is an electrical failure, disconnect the main switch immediately and disconnect that battery or any other power supply that is being used.

  • If using a car lighter as a power supply, be sure to respect the voltage and current data specified in the "Power Supplies" section.

  • If using a battery in combination or not with a solar panel as a power supply, be sure to use the voltage and current data specified in the "Power supplies" section.

  • If a software or hardware failure occurs, consult the Libelium Web Development section.

  • Check that the frequency and power of the communication radio modules together with the integrated antennas are allowed in the area where you want to use the device.

  • Waspmote is a device to be integrated in a casing so that it is protected from environmental conditions such as light, dust, humidity or sudden changes in temperature. The board supplied "as is" is not recommended for a final installation as the electronic components are open to the air and may be damaged.

Conditions of use

  • Read the "General and Safety Information" section carefully and keep the manual for future consultation.

  • Use Waspmote in accordance with the electrical specifications and the environment described in the "Electrical Data" section of this manual.

  • Waspmote and its components and modules are supplied as electronic boards to be integrated within a final product. This product must contain an enclosure to protect it from dust, humidity and other environmental interactions. In the event of outside use, this enclosure must be rated at least IP-65.

  • Do not place Waspmote in contact with metallic surfaces; they could cause short-circuits which will permanently damage it.

Further information you may need can be found at:

The "General Conditions of Libelium Sale and Use" document can be found here:

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