This guide explains the Interruptions features and functions. There are some variations in this library for our new product lines Waspmote v15 and Plug & Sense! v15, released on October 2016.
Anyway, if you are using previous versions of our products, please use the corresponding guides, available on our Development website.
You can get more information about the generation change on the document “New generation of Libelium product lines”.
Differences of this library compared to the previous version:
  • XBee DigiMesh interruption is no longer available
  • New sleep options definition in order to manage the library with intuitive labels

Waspmote Libraries

Waspmote Interruptions Files



The functions used to manage interruptions are stored in ‘Winterrupts.c’. This C file has no header file associated, but the functions are declared in ‘wiring.h’. Since it is a C file, no constructor is needed and no functions declared in other C++ Waspmote libraries can be used, only the libraries developed in C.