Documentation changelog
From v7.4 to v7.5
  • Added note: This WiFi PRO radio was discontinued in early 2021. The new WiFi PRO v3 radio is the substitute.
  • Renamed from Hive to Bridge
From v7.3 to v7.4
  • Added a new section to show how to send frames to the new Libelium Cloud Hive service
From v7.2 to v7.3
  • Added indications to send frames to Meshlium via HTTP or HTTPS (HTTPS is the default mode for Meshlium Manager System version equal or greater than v4.0.9)
From v7.1 to v7.2
  • Deleted references to the discontinued version of the WiFi radio, antenna on-chip
From v7.0 to v7.1
  • Added new functions to the “Software” section
  • Added a new section to show the user how to connect the module to Waspmote
  • Improved the “Configure the password” section
  • WiFi channels description fixed
Last modified 7mo ago
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