3G (SIM5215) vs 4G (LE910)

The new 4G module (specific for the new lines Waspmote v15, Plug & Sense! v15 and Meshlium 4.0) introduces some changes with respect to the 3G module (available for the old lines Waspmote v12, Plug & Sense! v12, Meshlium 3.5 and the new Waspmote v15):

  • The new 4G counts with many different models, one specifically designed for each market:

    • LE910-EU (Europe / Brazil): CE, GCF, ANATEL

    • LE910-NAG (US / Canada): FCC, IC, PTCRB, AT&T approved

    • LE910-AU V2 (Australia): RCM, Telstra approved

  • The GPS module also makes it possible to perform geo-location services using NMEA sentences, offering

    information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and speed, what makes it perfect for tracking applications.

  • The new 4G module offers the maximum performance of the 4G network as it uses 2 different antennas

    (normal + diversity) for reception (MIMO DL 2x2), choosing the best received signal at any time and getting a

    maximum download speed of 100 Mbps.

Features comparison:

4G compatibility:

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