This guide explains the new XBee 868LP library. This module was specifically integrated for our new productlines Waspmote v15, Plug & Sense! v15 and Meshlium v4.0, released on October 2016.
If you are using previous versions of our products, please use the corresponding guides, available on ourDevelopment website.
You can get more information about the generation change on the document “New generation of Libeliumproduct lines”.
To know the main differences between XBee-PRO 868 and XBee 868LP see the table below.
[Old] XBee-PRO 868
[New] XBee 868LP
Frequency band
869.4 to 869.65 MHz
863 to 870 MHz
Tx power
25 dBm (software selectable)
14 dBm (software selectable)
Tx Current
500 mA typical at 3.3 V
48 mA typical at 3.3 V
RF data rate
24 kb/s
10 kb/s
Rx sensitivity
-112 dBm
-101 dBm
Max range, indoors/urban
up to 550 m
up to 112 m
Max range, outdoors (line of sight) with ~2.1dBi antenna
up to 13 km
up to 8.4 km
Regulatory approvals
XBee 868LP compatibility:
Waspmote 12
New Waspmote API needed (v025 or newer)
Waspmote 15
New Waspmote API needed (v025 or newer)
Old XBee-PRO868 codes
Minor changes:The XBee-PRO 868 library is capable of sending/receivingpackets with the new XBee 868LP. However, configuringchannels can only be done by the newest API version.
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