Gateway Configuration
This section lists all the Meshlium gateways registered in your user account. The main view is a panel showing a grid with basic information to identify the Meshlium gateways.
Gateway configuration grid
Click the "Setup" button to manage and configure the Meshlium gateway. It is possible to remotely access to the Manager System panel of a Meshlium gateway to configure all the parameters just as if we were locally accessing its Manager System.
Gateway configuration setup

Remote Gateway Management

To remotely manage the Meshlium gateway, a reverse communication tunnel will be established between the Meshlium gateway and the Libelium Cloud Bridge service.
The field "Status" shows the current state of the tunnel; possible values are:
  • Offline: there is no tunnel currently active.
  • Online: the tunnel is opened and the remote Manager System will be accessible in the window.
A "Connect" button is also available to open the tunnel.
Remote connection

Enable Remote Management

The remote gateway management feature must be enabled in the Meshlium gateway when configuring the Libelium Cloud Bridge connector: “Cloud Connector” “Premium Cloud Partner” “Libelium Cloud Bridge”
Libelium Cloud user credentials should be properly configured and the "Enable Remote Management" option must be set to "On" as indicated by the image. This option enables the Manager System panel to be remotely displayed from the Libelium Cloud Bridge service.
Libelium Cloud Bridge service connector, Enable Remote Management
The option "Enable Remote Management" will only be available if the Meshlium gateway has previously been registered. Meshlium gateways that have not been registered in the Services Cloud Manager will show the message "You don't have registered your Meshlium, please register on this link" instead of the check option.
Meshlium not registered error message


Click the "Connect" button to start the process of establishing the reverse communication tunnel. The process may take up to three minutes to complete. Meshlium gateways are pooling every 60 seconds to the Libelium Cloud Bridge service to check if the tunnel should be opened.
Connecting info message
Unpredictable network errors may take it longer to establish the communication. An error message will be shown when the maximum timeout is reached and it has not been possible to open the tunnel successfully. The process may be canceled anytime with the "Cancel" button.
Cancel connection process
When the process is finished correctly, the Manager System of the remote Meshlium gateway will be displayed in the box, and the "Status" field will turn to "Online". User and password are required as if you were accessing locally. All the features of the Meshlium gateway can be configured.
Access remote Manager System
Click the "Disconnect Button" to close the connection.
Disconnect button
If the process is finished correctly the "Status" field will turn to "Offline", and the box showing the remote Manager Systems will be hidden.

Connection Timeout

Properly established remote management connections will timeout after 30 minutes and a warning message will be displayed on screen.
Connection timeout
The warning message is displayed for 30 seconds, in this time the connection may be kept alive by clicking the button "Keep connected". Keeping the connection alive means another 30 minutes accessing the Manager System to remotely manage your gateway.
If the button is not clicked before those 30 seconds, the warning message will be hidden and the connection with the Meshlium gateway will be closed. After the connection is closed, a new "Connect" process may be established again.
Closing the browser window does not close the connection. Navigating to the "Connect to Gateway" section of the Gateway Configuration feature using the "Setup" button will show directly the Manager System and the Online status for those connections previously established that have not been closed yet and remain active.
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