Data Monitor
In this section, the user can see in real time the arrival of data sent by her devices to the Bridge. This allows users to make sure that the Libelium device is sending data correctly to our Cloud. Receiving data on the Bridge is an obvious prerequisite, necessary to later synchronize data with a third-party cloud.
To access this section, go to More actions > Data monitor.
Accesing Data Monitor section

Search engine

In the search engine you can perform a search within the list of devices by the name assigned to the device, by its serial number or by the sensors that have sent data to the device from the moment you have loaded the page.

Filter devices with values

By default, Data Monitor shows a list with all the nodes that have inserted at least one value on the Bridge, anytime. If you want to see only those devices from which the Bridge has received a value since you have loaded the page, click on "Only devices with values".
Filtering devices with values

Device row

The name and serial number of the devices are displayed, as well as the last value received (if any value was received since the load of the page).
You can also see the last values received since the page was loaded by clicking the arrow icon on the right.
Device row

Live data

All devices have an indicator to know if they are receiving data in real time since the user loads the page. By default, when the page is loaded, the icon is in gray color.
However, when the Bridge receives data from one node, this indicator turns blue, showing that data is arriving. You can inspect this real-time data pressing the arrow icon.
Device with values since the session start

Last value

The "Last value" field may have 2 message types. If the device has received a value since the session start, date and time of arrival are displayed:
Device with recent data
If the device has not received a value recently, the message "No recent data" will appear:
Device without recent data

Connection closed

If the connection fails for some reason, a message like the following will appear under the filter box:
Connection closed
In this case, simply click on "Refresh the page" to refresh the connection.
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