CAN Bus on Plug & Sense!

The CAN Bus protocol is available for Plug & Sense! as a secondary communication module. This is an optional feature. The CAN Bus module is placed on socket 0 by default, being accessible through an additional and dedicated socket on the antenna side of the enclosure. On the other hand, the main radio interface of the Plug & Sense! device is placed on socket 1.
Figure: Industrial Protocols available on Plug & Sense!
The user can choose between 2 probes to connect the CAN Bus protocol: A standard DB9 connector and a waterproof terminal block junction box. These options make the connections on industrial environments or outdoor applications easier.
Figure: DB9 probe connected to Plug & Sense!
Figure: Terminal box probe connected to Plug & Sense!
The CAN Bus signals are wired on the female DB9 connector and on the Terminal box according to the next table:
Figure: Wiring of CAN Bus signals on Plug & Sense!