Time of execution of the functions

The following is a list of the time it takes to execute the main functions:

  • init(): 25-30 ms

  • authenticate(): 20 ms

  • read(): 25 ms

  • write(): 25 ms

So a full read or write in a block process (init+authenticate+read or init+authenticate+write) could take around 75 ms. However, a standard UID read (init) can take just 25 ms.

There is a mechanism inside the init() function so that if no card is detected, then not all the function is executed. This feature allows to search for a new card faster.

In the read_all_blocks example, all the 64 blocks in a Mifare^®^ Classic 1k card are read in about 2.6 s. This indicates that the maximum read rate is 393 bytes per second.