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Frame class

There is a class included in Waspmote API which allows the user to create formatted frames easily.
  • Use this API tool to create your sensor frames. A project should use the official frame described in the Frame Guide. It is worth to take the time to use the official frame. Besides, Meshlium understands the Frame class, but not others.
  • Plan carefully what information you are sending in your frame. Maybe you just need to know one parameter, but in the future you may need to know the battery level or the available RAM. Normally, too much information is better than little information. As a matter of fact, the energy consumption to send 60-byte frames is almost the same than the energy needed to send 90-byte frames: the difference is negligible.
  • Send sensor data frames, but also consider sending "status frames" (battery, RAM, state, error report, loop counter, etc). They will help the network administrator to know about the current conditions inside each node. Besides, they will act as "I am node 'x' and I am alive" frames.
  • For beginners, create ASCII frames which are easy to read by the user.
  • Use Binary frames which permit to include more sensor fields than ASCII frames.
For further information, please check the Data Frame Guide where all features of this useful tool are described deeply.