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This guide explains programming tips for Waspmote and Plug & Sense!. There are no great variations in libraries and coding for our new product lines Waspmote v15 and Plug & Sense! v15, released on October 2016.
Anyway, if you are using previous versions of our products, please use the corresponding guides, available on our Development website.
You can get more information about the generation change on the document "New generation of Libelium product lines".
This Guide contains advice to get good, solid and successful codes or projects. They are practical tips or small ideas which were not suitable to be in the other Guides.
All the tricks explained here have been learned from the experience. The Waspmote or Waspmote Plug & Sense! developer will find interesting to read this guide to avoid problems in real life.
Actually, the best tip is "Read the Guides"... this Guide does not replace the careful study of the rest of Guides; it is a practical complement for them. We advise to read this Guide at the same time that the user advances in the development of Waspmote.