General description

The Waspmote Agriculture v3.0 Board allows to monitor multiple environmental parameters involving a wide range of applications, from growing development analysis to weather observation. For this, it has been provided with sensors for air and soil temperature and humidity, luminosity, solar radiation (PAR and UV), wind speed and direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, leaf wetness, distance and fruit or trunk diameter (dendrometer). Up to 15 sensors can be connected. With the objective of extending the durability of the device after the deployment, the board is endowed with a solid state switches system that facilitates a precise regulation of its power, prolonging the life of the battery.


Weight: 20 g Dimensions: 73.5 x 51 x 1.3 mm Temperature Range: [-20 ºC, 65 ºC]

Electrical characteristics

Board power voltages: 3.3 V & 5 V Sensor power voltages: 3.3 V & 5 V Maximum admitted current (continuous): 200 mA Maximum admitted current (peak): 400 mA

Agriculture v3.0 Board versions

Since April 2019, Libelium only distributes Smart Agriculture in the PRO version, which supports all sensors in this family. The normal version was discontinued. Some notes about Smart Agriculture normal remain for the former customers.

The Agriculture v3.0 Board for Waspmote includes all the electronics and sockets necessary to connect the most typical sensors in agriculture applications, air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure (BME280), soil moisture (Watermark), soil temperature (DS18B20) leaf wetness (LWS), Weather Station (WS-3000 includes pluviometer, anemometer and vane), luxes sensor (TSL2561) and distance (MB7040 or MB7070). The PRO version of the board includes the necessary components for more specific applications, such as the solar radiation sensor (SQ-110 or SU-100), the dendrometers (DD-S, DC3 and DF), and the soil temperature sensor Pt-1000.

Sensors in the Agriculture v3.0 Board ("Standard" or "Normal" version):

  • Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor BME280 by Bosch

  • Soil moisture sensor Watermark by Irrometer

  • Leaf wetness sensor LWS

  • Weather Station WS-3000 (Anemometer, Wind Vane and Pluviometer)

  • Soil temperature sensor DS18B20

  • Distance sensor (MB7040 or MB7070) by MaxBotix

  • Luminosity sensor TSL2561

Sensors added in the PRO version (includes advanced electronics for integrating special sensors):

  • Solar radiation sensor SQ-110 by Apogee

  • Ultraviolet radiation sensor SU-100 by Apogee

  • DC3, DD-S and DF dendrometers by Ecomatik

  • Soil temperature sensor Pt-1000

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