Product Overview

The game-changing loT solution: Lack of standardization in the IoT Business affects all their areas: connectivity, interoperability, usability, power, language and security. This is the most important problem for IoT to become a market standard. Libelium has paid attention to these defying challenges to assure agrifood security, protect ecosystems and ensure sustainable water use. One is the result of careful Research & Development continuous effort.

General Description

Libelium One is an ultra-low power wireless IoT gateway. Designed for continuous monitoring of a huge range of parameters covering the most relevant IoT applications. Thanks to automatic sensor detection, no programming is needed for deployment. Remote configuration can be done wireless through the Libelium platform. Easy and quick installation on walls or poles in combination with a solar panel to maximize its performance.

Typical Applications

Ready to work in any kind of environment for water & agriculture use cases & projects. You can request further info and a demonstration at the e-mail below.

All in One solution


  • Data integrity: non-hackable sensors

  • Blockchain integration*

  • Probe autodetection: connecting any probe* to any One device

  • Configurable 4G wireless connectivity

  • Global SIM provided*

  • Maximum accuracy

Easy to use

  • No programming is needed = no code

  • Cloud-based node configuration

  • Plug and Play device ready to be installed in the field

  • Easy installation, no need for qualified technicians

  • Any integrated sensor* can be connected to any socket for maximum configuration flexibility

  • Node firmware remote update (OTAP)


  • Architecture designed for ultra-low power consumption

  • Minimalist and compact device

  • Rechargeable battery using a solar panel

  • 5 Rs compliant:

    • Reduce: consumption, carbon footprint and size

    • Reuse: same sensors for multiple projects

    • Repair(able) and

    • Refurbish(able)

    • Recycle: polycarbonate eco-efficient manufacturing

Docs: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

DatasheetQuick start guideTechnical guideSensors

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of Libelium One main node to get a deeper understanding of all of its features:

One Smart AppLibelium Cloud

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