Arnaldo Castro

Automaticcsa by Arnaldo Castro

Automaticcsa is a Fiware-based cloud ( that lets the user centralize sensors in detailed views and customizable dashboards. Solutions already developed include:

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Power-related variables (consumption, voltage, current, power factor, frequency, etc)

  • Water quality

  • GPS data

  • Other

Register Meshlium in Automaticcsa

The registration to the platform is done by the company Arnaldo Castro. Please contact to get you on board.


In order to publish data to the Automaticcsa platform, you will need to set up the configuration provided in the last step in the configuration menu, located in Manager System → Cloud Connector →IoT Solutions/Platforms → Arnaldocastro Cloud. All fields should be left as they are, except for "User", "Password" and "Topic template", which will be provided.

Click on the “Save” button for storing the configuration fields.

Controlling synchronization

Once configured the connector, the user can launch the Meshlium Automaticcsa script ("Start" button). The program will search for the received frames on the local database, and will send them to the Automaticcsa platform. The status indicator displays the current state, saying “Running” or “Stopped”.

You can stop the dummy program anytime clicking on the “Stop” button.

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