IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) developed by IBM that gives a wide scope of services to use the cloud, one of them is based on MQTT communications. This is a great alternative if the user do not want to build his own MQTT server.


Configuration options are shown in the M2M Platform menu, enlarging the IBM Cloud MQTT section. You will notice that the configuration for this plugin is very straight-forward, you have most of the needed parameters on the IBM Cloud web panel:

  • Organization ID: Identifier of your organization; you can get it from the platform credentials.

  • API user: User generated in the API platform section.

  • API password: Password generated in the API platform section.

  • Event ID: Used to configure the event where you want to send the information. If you do not know what to type in this field, you can use 'eid'.

  • Interval: Used to delay the communication after a bunch of messages were sent.

Press the "Save" button for storing the configuration. In the case that you have run a previous configuration, we advise that you also reset the local configuration pressing "Reset Local Config".

Controlling synchronization

You can stop or start the IBM Cloud synchronization process anytime, hitting on the buttons "Star" and "Stop". Then, the status indicator displays the current state, saying "Running" or "Stopped".

You can stop the synchronization anytime clicking on the "Stop" button.

More information can be found on this Recipe we created for IBM: **[**](****

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