B-Scada VoT platform allows you to create rich, sophisticated IoT and M2M applications that consolidate and organize data from anywhere, and visualize it in real-time on any device. Connect to thousands of potential data sources. Visualize your data using modern, high-performance customized graphics. Leverage powerful analytic tools and automation. Connect your devices, processes and people in a continuous real-time information system.

More information about VoT Platform: http://www.votplatform.com/.


A new option is shown in the M2M Platforms menu: the B-Scada Cloud Connector. If you expand it, you can see this form with 6 fields in it:

  • URL: IP address of the VoT platform service by B-Scada. This address should be provided by B-Scada.

  • Port: The port in which the VoT Server is listening to connections.

  • Client ID: Customer's identifier or company name.

  • Secret Key: The security key to send encrypted data to VoT.

  • Interval(s): Time duration in seconds between operations of updating data.

  • Enable Log: This option enables the creation of log files to save all communications processed to the VoT server.

Controlling synchronization

The synchronization will be done for all data that has not been synchronized in the Sensor Parser table each time. You can start and stop the data synchronization to the VoT service. In the interface you can see an indicator of whether the status service is running or not. If you click on "Start", the synchronization will begin.

You can stop the synchronization at any moment clicking on the "Stop" button.

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