C2M is an end-to-end IoT and Digital Enterprise platform that allows easy, secure and rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT/M2M solutions.

Configuring C2M Platform in Meshlium

  1. Select the C2M plugin.

  2. Login with your C2M credentials. (If you do not have C2M credentials, please click the "Sign Up" button at the bottom of the screen to register).

Controlling synchronization

1.Select the Onboard tab and press the "+" button on the Waspmote/Sensors that you wish to onboard.

  • Turn the switch On to enable the Waspmote/Sensor.

  • To Disable the Channel: Toggle the On/Off switch to Off.

  • To Delete the Channel: Press the Trashcan icon. Note: This will delete the channel and all data will be permanently removed.

For a temporary pause in sending data, see next step.

  1. Select the Data Transfer tab. Here you will see your enabled Waspmote/Sensors. Select your Transmission method, toggle on the devices in which you want to send data and press "Save".

  2. Click on the "Start" button to begin the C2M Sync service. Click the "Stop" button to terminate the C2M Sync service. To temporarily pause a node, toggle the On/Off switch to Off and press "Save".

Login to your C2M account at https://cloud.c2m.net/login.aspx to analyze, visualize and automate your data.

There is also a Log tab. Here you will find access to various log levels. Default log view is set to WARNING. Once you change the Log Level you must press "Save" to store this operation and to view the updated information.

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