ConsulMedia is a company that offers an IoT platform for acquisition and visualization of data from sensor networks powered by MQTT protocol. Our systems provide fully customizable rules engine for notifications, alarms and remote control of actuators.

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You can locate the ConsulMedia Cloud Connector at:

Manager System -> Cloud Connnectors -> Basic Cloud Partners -> ConsulMedia

In the configuration panel, the user has to set:

  • Sever name / IP address: The server name or server IP address (provided by ConsulMedia IoT administrators).

  • Port number: Server port number (provided by ConsulMedia IoT administrators).

  • Token: Unique access token that identifies the device on ConsulMedia IoT server (provided by ConsulMedia IoT administrators).

  • Attribute message template: Topic of the MQTT message with the attributes of the Waspmotes.

  • Values message template: Topic of the MQTT message with the telemetry values.

  • Sleep time: Number of seconds between one upload and another.

  • Number of last records to sync: Number of records to upload to the server every cycle.

Click the "Save" button for storing the configuration fields.

Controlling synchronization

Once configured the connector, the user can launch the ConsulMedia Cloud Sync script (Start button). The program will search for the received frames on the Meshlium local database, and will send them to ConsulMedia IoT server. The status indicator displays the current state, saying "Running" (green circle) or "Stopped" (red circle):

You can stop the ConsulMedia Cloud Sync program anytime clicking on the "Stop" button:

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