Cumulocity IoT solution allows for a seamless integration of your Meshlium and Waspmote devices to the cloud. Once Meshlium is connected to this cloud, the Cumulocity IoT solution will automatically manage all your devices. Registering and gathering device data to Cumulocity Platform provides a fully customizable interface, allowing for deep data analysis.

Cumulocity works with a multitude of devices, centralizing all your IoT technologies in a single place. For more information, visit


First of all, make sure your Meshlium is receiving data from your Waspmote or Plug & Sense! units. Please access to the Cumulocity cloud configurator in the Manager System. You need to fill the following fields with your correct Cumulocity account settings.

  • IP address: Address provided by Cumulocity.

  • Port number: Port Number provided by Cumulocity.

  • User: Username provided by Cumulocity.

  • Password: Password provided by Cumulocity.

  • Log level: Generate log messages. Valid values go from 0 (no log) to 4 (debug).

  • Interval: Time duration in seconds between synchronizing data batches.

Then click "Save" to store your new settings.

After that, the only thing left to do is to activate the Cumulocity MQTT Sender by clicking on "Start".

The Cumulocity platform will handle all the devices' creation and data gathering for you. You can access now to your Cumulocity account with your browser and you should be able to see your devices and incoming data.

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