DeviceLynk is a high-level cloud service based on the ThingWorx cloud. Interface walk-through:

Interface elements:

  • DeviceLynk logo: Click to jump to the DeviceLynk website.

  • Server Address: The DeviceLynk Server address you wish to connect to.

  • Meshlium Bind Name: The name that the DeviceLynk Server uses to identify the Meshlium unit.

  • Enable Logging: Check-box to enable/disable internal logging.

  • Save: Click to save the Server Address, Meshlium Bind Name, and Logging configuration.

  • Load Local WM: Click this button to load the list of Waspmotes that the Meshlium is connected to.

  • Load DeviceLynk WM: from DeviceLynk button Click to load the list of Waspmotes which are connected to the DeviceLynk Server.

  • Write DeviceLynk setup: Click to write the current list of Waspmotes to the DeviceLynk Server (Waspmotes details are sent to the Server).

  • Waspmote: Click the "Delete" button to remove that Waspmote unit from the current Waspmote clicking the "Load Local Waspmotes" button, or by clicking the "Load WM Config" from DeviceLynk button.

  • Edge Microserver (EMS) Status: The status of the DeviceLynk Agent will be indicated, displaying "Running" or "Stopped". Click button to to start/stop the service.

  • LUA Script resource Status: The status of the LUA Script Resource will be indicated, displaying "Running" or "Stopped". Click button to to start/stop the service.

Steps to start the DeviceLynk plugin:

  1. Type the DeviceLynk Server address that you wish to connect to in the Server Address field.

  2. Type the Meshlium Bind Name that the DeviceLynk Server will use to identify the Meshlium device.

  3. Click the "Save" button.

  4. Click the "Load Local Waspmotes" button. All Waspmotes connected to this Meshlium unit will show up.

  5. Delete the Waspmotes that you do not want to be connected to the DeviceLynk Server by clicking on their respective "Delete" button.

  6. Click the "Write DeviceLynk Setup" button to make the DeviceLynk Server listen to those Waspmotes.

  7. To show the Waspmotes units that the DeviceLynk Server is currently listening to, click the "Load WM Config. from DeviceLynk" button.

  8. Click the "Start" button under "DeviceLynk Agent Status". "Running" will be displayed.

  9. Click the "Start" button under "LUA Script Resource Status". "Running" will be displayed.

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