Extunda IoT platform (http://www.extunda.com/) is a horizontal platform which also enables vertical applications. Libelium Smart Cities, agriculture and various devices are ready to be launched for service over Extunda IoT platform. The sensor data can be gathered, analyzed, stored and reported so the users can interpret and develop actions based on online data.

Extunda uses MQTT structure for the integration of your Meshlium devices to its platform easily. Therefore, the connector will easily send the sensor data to Extunda platform.


  • IP Address / URL: The IP address or the URL will be provided to you by Extunda.

  • Port Number: This is the port which Extunda server is listening for connections.

  • User Name & Password: This is the Extunda Server username & password to be used for connecting to Extunda servers. This information will be provided by Extunda.

  • Waspmote ID: When you login to your Extunda IoT platform account with your username and password, you are authorized to define and match your Waspmote with a specific definition (i.e. Istanbul_gases_1). Your Waspmote data will be transfered to the server as in the above message template.

Controlling synchronization

The synchronization will be done for all data that has not been synchronized in the Sensor Parser table each time. You can start and stop the data synchronization to the Extunda service. In the interface you can see an indicator of whether the status service is running or not. If you click on "Start", the synchronization will begin.

You can stop the synchronization at any moment clicking on the "Stop" button.

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