IoTSens ( is a horizontal platform for the development of smart cities which provides functionalities for gathering, integrating, storing and analyzing data from the city from a global point of view, so managers and citizens know what is happening and can immediately act.

IoTSens seamlessly integrates with Meshlium devices by means of MQTT queues so the connector will send all the sensors data to your IoTSens platform in order to be processed.


The IoTSens provider will supply you with the MQTT connection configuration attending your particular deployment:

  • MQTT Server IP: IP address where the MQTT Server is deployed.

  • MQTT Server Port: Port number where the MQTT Server is listening for connections.

  • MQTT Server User: User name for connecting to the MQTT Server. This field can be empty if no user is required.

  • MQTT Server Password: Password for connecting to the MQTT Server. This field can be empty if no user is required.

Additionally, the IoTSens plugin supports the configuration of some parameters regarding how the synchronization process works:

  • Sleeping time: The synchronization process sleeps some time between executions. This parameter configures how many seconds it will sleep before starting the synchronization process again once it has finished. The sleeping time must be long enough to give time to other device processes to do their work.

  • Max. measures to sync: This parameter configures how many sensor measures are synchronized at most in every synchronization process. The number of measures to synchronize must be limited in order to avoid the synchronization process to overload the system for a long time.

Controlling synchronization

You can start and stop the synchronization of the data to the IoTSens service. In the interface, you can see an indicator of whether the IoTSens service is running or not. If you click on "Start", the synchronization will begin.

You can stop at any moment clicking on "Stop" button.

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