Labeeb IoT is a Cloud and On-Premise Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Platform. It provides an attractive environment (i.e. platform-as-a-service, open APIs, development tools, and documentation) for entrepreneurs, third party developers and companies to accelerate the development and deployment of new IoT services, and to help them achieve faster time-to-market.

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Register Meshlium in Labeeb IoT Platform

Create a Labeeb IoT account previously to register Meshlium in Labeeb IoT Platform:


After creating your account, you can use your credentials (enterprise name, username and password) to configure Meshlium.

1.Fill the configuration fields with your Labeeb IoT credentials:

  • Hosting Server: the server where your Labeeb IoT account is hosted in (default: MEA for

  • Enterprise Name: enterprise name used to create portal account.

  • Username: username of your portal account.

  • Password: password of your portal account.

  • Log level: used for debugging level, errors, reports, etc.

  • Max number of records: The maximum number of records to be synchronized to Labeeb IoT every some time interval.

  • Sync frequency (sec): specific time interval to perform synchronization, defined in seconds.

  • Save the configuration by pressing the button "Saves". This will store them locally and create all needed devices and sensors automatically on Labeeb IoT platform.

  • Whenever you make a change, add a sensor or a device, press on "Sync Config" to update these parameters on Labeeb IoT portal.

Controlling synchronization

Once the connector is configured, the user can launch the Meshlium Labeeb IoT script ("Start" button). The program will search for the received frames on the local database, and will send them to the Labeeb IoT Platform. The status indicator displays the current state: "Running" or "Stopped".

The Meshlium Labeeb IoT cloud connector will start sending the data of any new Waspmote device to Labeeb IoT Platform after a maximum of 60 min.

You can stop the Labeeb IoT script anytime by clicking on the "Stop" button.

You can get all the data sent from the Waspmote devices on the Labeeb IoT portal:

Click on Data > Data retrieval > select the related device or data type to retrieve collected data.

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