Maxvec IoT cloud platform

Maxvec Dashboard is a cloud platform for Maxvec IoT system architecture which was developed to help users monitor their sensor devices and get data analytics. There are 3 main sensor hubs available: "MaxSecure", "MaxFire" and "MaxCbrn". Each sensor hub has a special application and was designed to be deployed at a specific area. For more details please contact Maxvec support.

Register device on the Maxvec platform

On the configuration tab, fill the form with user email address, device secret ID and any comment. After that click the "Send" button to reach Maxvec through email. They will register your email on the system and response with your credentials.


On the same configuration tab, scroll down to see the interface as in the figure below. Use the previously obtained credentials from Maxvec to certify your Meshlium as a valid sender of messages. Maxvec plugin is located in:

Cloud Connector -> Basic Cloud Connector -> Maxvec

Click the "Save" button to store the configuration fields.

Controlling synchronization

Once configured the connector, the user can launch the Meshlium Maxvec script ("Start" button). The program will search for the received frames on the local database and send them to the Maxvec platform. The status indicator displays the current state, saying "Running" or "Stopped". You can stop the synchronization anytime clicking on the "Stop" button.

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