RIOT Platform

RIOT is a Sensing as a Service Platform developed by REDtone IOT. It manages connectivity from sensors or data sources with various communication protocols including MQTT and RESTful.

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The RIOT plugin is configured with the following parameters:

  • URL: The IP address or the URL will be provided by REDtone IOT.

  • API Key: An API Key will be provided by REDtone IOT as one of the authorization information in order to send data to the RIOT platform.

  • Gateway: Field to identify which Meshlium device the data came from when the platform receives the data, so that we can trace the location.

Note: In the Waspmote sensor board, make sure you identify each board with their own ID so that we can trace which sensor board the data originated.

Controlling synchronization

The synchronization will be executed for all the data that has not been synchronized in the Sensor Parser database table. You can start and stop the synchronization process. In the interface of our service, you can see if the status of our service is either running or not. If you click on "Start", the synchronization will start.

If you want to stop the synchronization process, you can simply just click on "Stop" and the process will stop.

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