RoboMQ is a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) that can connect any device, sensor, IoT gateway, enterprise application, or any cloud to allow you to build business workflows across networks and clouds. What makes RoboMQ a great choice for your IoT needs is that your IoT devices or applications can easily integrate with and leverage your IoT data by making it part of business workflow involving cloud, SaaS and on-premise enterprise systems. RoboMQ platform is built with containerized microservice architecture that can easily scale vertically and horizontally and runs in a distributed multi hybrid cloud setup.

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Get a trial or paid subscription to RoboMQ iPaaS

To use this connector, the user first must get a trial account or paid subscription.

Configure RoboMQ connector

Once you have your RoboMQ subscription credentials, fill out the following configuration fields for the RoboMQ connector.

  • Host: RoboMQ message broker URL. For free trial accounts use "".

  • Port: RoboMQ Message broker port for AMQP protocol. It supports SSL encrypted traffic, which is recommended. Use port 5672 for non-SSL and port 5671 for SSL traffic respectively.

  • Tenant: Tenant is the Tenant ID or your account with RoboMQ iPaaS that is provided in the provisioning email.

  • Username: username that is provided in the provisioning email.

  • Password: password that is provided in the provisioning email.

  • Log Level: Log Level that is set for the connector with the following settings.

    • OFF: No new logs will be printed to the log tab on Meshlium gateway.

    • FINE: The most verbose logging level. All logging statements are visible in the logging window.

    • INFO: Very verbose logging level but omits extremely detailed logs.

    • WARNING: Only shows warning and severe logs to the user.

    • SEVERE: Only shows severe logs.

  • Record Query Limit: The number of records that is queried at every record query interval. The recommended maximum number of records to be queried is 200. A value greater than 200 is accepted but can affect the performance of the Meshlium gateway.

  • Record Query Interval: The number of seconds that will elapsed in between each record query. The recommended interval between record queries is 60 seconds any record query interval below 30 seconds will not be accepted since this could affect the performance of the Meshlium gateway.

Connector operation and status panel

Once you have configured the connector, you can launch the Meshlium's RoboMQ connector and start sending data to RoboMQ by clicking the green "Start" button. The following image is displayed after you click the "Start" button.

To stop the connector, press the "Stop" button and wait for a few seconds for the connector to fully stop. After you do this, a "Start" button should appear once again.

Log tab

Once you start the connector you can view logs for this connector in the log window. The following is the illustration of the log window after the connector was started. You can refresh these logs by clicking the "Refresh" button. You can clear the logs by clicking the "Delete" button.

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