Telefonica IoT Platform

Telefonica provides an M2M cloud to collect and analyze data. This platform is based on assets and models and you can optimize your business processes implementing rules and notifications, and subscribing to data from different hosts.


A new option is shown in M2M Platform menu, in the Cloud Connector main option. If you expand it, you can see this form with 3 fields in it:

  • URL: Address of the API service of Telefonica IoT. This address should be provided without the "http://", usually

  • Port: The port in which the API listens to connections.

  • API: The security key to send data to Telefonica IoT.

All this data are provided by Telefonica service administrators.

Controlling synchronization

The synchronization will be done in packs of 100 data at a time, so the system is not overloaded. You can start and stop the data synchronization to the Telefonica service. In the interface, you can see an indicator of whether the Telefonica service is running or not. If you click on "Start", the synchronization will begin:

You can stop at any moment clicking on "Stop" button.

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