This Cloud Connector is no longer available since November 2020

Thing+ allows customers to build their own IoT services with high speed, reliability, scalability, and cost competitiveness, connected by a SaaS or PaaS IoT platform. When Thing+ Embedded devices connect to the Thing+ Cloud (public or private), customers can visualize various data graphs and charts from sensors directly on the Thing+ Portal. Device registration is easy as the Thing+ Portal provides dashboard widgets, a trigger-condition-action-based rule engine for alert notifications or to control actuators, and results in the form of an event timeline.

Get API Key

  • Get the "Gateway ID" to register:

    • Open the Meshlium Manager System.

    • Click Cloud Connector.

    • Open the ThingPlus plugin.

    • You can see ThingPlus configuration and "Gateway ID".

    • Copy the "Gateway ID".

  • Get the API Key:

    • Go to your ThingPlus service (if you have no registered service, register your service)

    • Go to Gateway Management page (via upper right menu).

    • Click the + button in the upper right corner.

    • Click "Request for Gateway certificates or API Key" button.

  • Fill form.

    • Gateway ID.

    • Select "API Key" (Authentication Type).

  • Click "Get API Key".

  • Copy the "API Key".

  • Set "API Key" in the Meshlium Manager System.

    • Go to ThingPlus configuration again.

    • Paste the "API Key".

  • Click the "Save" button (ThingPlus gateway app will restart).

  • If the status is "STOPPED", then click on the "Start" button after saving API Key.

Register Gateway and Sensors

  • Go to your ThingPlus service.

  • Go to Gateway Management page (via upper right menu).

  • Click the + button in the upper right corner.

  • Fill the form:

    • Select Gateway Model as "Libelium Meshlium".

    • Input Gateway ID (the same MAC address when registering gateway).

    • Select Device Model as "Waspmote Basic".

    • Input Device Address (Waspmote address is the id_wasp field).

    • Input Device Name.

    • Select Sensors to register (all sensors are selected as default).

    • Select Site Name (default).

  • Click "Register a Gateway, Devices and Sensors" button:

    • ThingPlus gateway app will restart and send the sensor data in a few minutes.

    • You can see the sensor data at Dashboard or Sensor page.

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