Contents of the box


a) P67 casing.

b) Ethernet connector.

c) nano-SIM + micro-USB connector.

d) Antenna connectors.


a) Dipole 5 dBi (Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, XBee-PRO 802.15.4).

b) 4G / GPS (3 antennas for US models; 2 antennas for EU, BR or AU models).

c) Dipole 4.5 dBi (XBee 868LP, XBee-PRO 900HP).

(*) Number and type of antennas depend on the model purchased.


a) Bracket plate.

b) Mounting screws.

c) 4 screw holes for wall.

d) 2 worm-drive clamps.

Ethernet cable

IP67 Ethernet cap

Ethernet crossover cable

POE injector

AC/DC adapter

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