Database management

Direct access

In order to access to the Meshlium Database from an external application you have to use the following parameters:

  • IP:

    • WiFi:

    • Ethernet: Depending on your DHCP server (you can specify a static IP in the Interfaces section).

  • Database: MeshliumDB.

  • Table: Depending on the data to be extracted. Some options are: sensorParser, bluetoothData, gpsData, wifiScan. You can list the tables of the database.

  • Port: 3306

  • User: sslroot

  • Password: The default password is "libelium2007". It is important that the user changes all default passwords immediately. For changing the password go to section.

  • Certificates: Download the certificates. For more information go to section.

Using the command line, you can connect using this command:

mysql -h -u sslroot -plibelium2007 \
--ssl-ca=ca-cert.pem \
--ssl-cert=client-cert.pem \

You can use any management MySQL application like MySQL Workbench or SQLyog to access the database in Meshlium and perform any maintenance operation.


Meshlium has a built-in phpMyAdmin instance that allows local database management. Go to:

Tools -> phpMyAdmin

Click on "Open in a new window" to open the phpMyAdmin panel.

You can directly access phpMyAdmin panel in the URL: https://[Meshlium_IP]/phpmyadmin

Where [Meshlium_IP] has to be replaced for the IP used in Meshlium. It can be WiFi AP, Ethernet or 4G IP.

To login, use the credential shown in the section "Direct access".

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