Important: read me before using

The following list shows just some of the actions that produce the most common failures and warranty-voiding. Complete documentation about usage can be found at:

Failure to comply with the recommendations of use will entail the guarantee cancellation.

  • Do not interrupt the power supply before shutting down Meshlium properly through the "Shutdown" or "Restart" buttons in the Manager System.

  • Do not open the Meshlium enclosure in any case. This will automatically make the warranty void.

  • Do not submerge Meshlium in liquids.

  • Do not place Meshlium on places or equipment where the device could be exposed to shocks and/or vibrations.

  • Do not expose Meshlium to temperatures below -20ºC or above 50ºC.

  • Meshlium's microprocessor must not overpass 90ºC. The user must ensure that this temperature is never overpassed. Especially when using WiFi Scan.

  • Do not power Meshlium with other power sources than the original provided by Libelium.

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