• Although Meshlium is a highly resistant product (IP67), please handle with care in order to enjoy a longer life of the product.

  • Handle Meshlium with care, do not allow it to drop or move roughly.

  • Avoid placing the devices in areas reaching very high temperatures that could damage the electronic components.

  • The antennas screw on gently to the connector, do not force them while installing or you could damage the connectors.

  • Do not use any type of paint on the device, it could affect the operation of connections and closing mechanisms.

  • Power accessories must only be used indoors.

  • Do not store Meshlium in places exposed to dirt and dust in order to avoid damage to electronic components.

  • Never open the casing, the guarantee will not cover products that have been opened.

  • For cleaning, use a damp cloth, do not use aggressive chemical products.

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