Upgrading Meshlium

In the updates plugin, the user can install new Manager System versions. To get to the plugin go to:

Update Manager -> Install Updates

In order to use this feature Meshlium needs to be connected to the Internet. Meshlium will securely contact the Libelium servers for performing all the checks and updates.

Press the "Check for updates" button to let Meshlium access the Libelium repository and search for new versions.

If there are new versions, the plugin will display the changelog of every version and will show an "Update" button. This button will download and install ALL the pending updates in one step, always leaving Meshlium with the latest version available.

Meshlium will reboot after installing the updates.


Make sure you do not disconnect Meshlium while the upgrading process happens. If the power supply is suddenly cut, Meshlium could be damaged.

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