Power control

The Smart Water Ions Sensor Board requires of both supply voltage lines from Waspmote (3.3 V and 5 V), which are activated and deactivated when calling the functions SWIonsBoard.ON() or SWIonsBoard.OFF() detailed in section "API".

Important: Ion sensors must not be connected to a power supply line. The connection to a any kind of power supply will damage the sensor and cause his destruction, or losses of its features.


The ISE sensors are potentiometer sensors that converts the activity of an ion into an electrical potential. This mean that these sensors do not need power supply and do not have electrical consumption. The only consumption in the Smart Water Ions Sensor Board comes from the electronic stage. This consumption is about 5 mA when the Smart Water Ions Sensor Board is in normal operation.

Low consumption mode

The Smart Water Ions Sensor Board has been designed to minimize the consumption of the mote during operation, allowing the activation of only the electronics that are really necessary to take the desired measurements.

Use the Waspmote low consumption modes

Like in the other sensor boards for Waspmote, the library of the Smart Water Ions Sensor Board includes all the functions necessary to deactivate the sensors and the whole board so the mote can be put in low consumption mode to save battery when measurements are not being taken.