Documentation changelog

From v7.5 to v7.6

  • Added references to the new NB-IoT / Cat-M radio

  • Discontinued the Smart Water Ions line, in the Single and Double variants. The Smart Water Ions PRO variant continues with no change.

From v7.4 to v7.5

  • Added references to new XBee ZigBee 3

From v7.3 to v7.4

  • Added more details about the maintenance solutions

  • Added references to the new Smart Water Xtreme line

  • Added references to the new LoRaWAN ASIA-PAC / LATAM module

From v7.2 to v7.3

  • Added recommendations about sensors lifetime, preservation, accommodation and calibration

  • Added references to new Sigfox AU / APAC / LATAM module

  • Added references to new LoRaWAN AU and IN modules

From v7.1 to v7.2

  • Added recommendations for sensors maintenance

  • The length of the Pt-1000 sensor cable was updated

From v7.0 to v7.1

  • The lengths of the cables of the sensors were updated

  • Added references for the new Industrial Protocols and GPS accessories for Plug & Sense!