This guide explains the a set of libraries. These libraries were designed for our original product lines Waspmote v12 and Plug & Sense! v12, and has evolved for the new lines Waspmote v15 and Plug & Sense! v15, released on October 2016.
These libraries are compatible with Waspmote v12 and v15 and Plug & Sense! v12 and v15. This guide is oriented to v15 users so if you are using v12 versions of our products, please read the corresponding guides, available on our Development website.
You can get more information about the generation change on the document LINK PENDIENTE "New generation of Libelium product lines".
Waspmote provides some libraries to manage USB interaction and other general tasks (blinking LEDs, some string conversions, sensor reading, EEPROM use, etc).
To manage these tasks, some functions have been developed and two libraries have been created: 'USB Library' and 'Utils Library'.