Smart Cities PRO v3.0

This guide explains the new Smart Cities Sensor Board v3.0. This board was designed for our new product lines Waspmote v15 and Plug & Sense! v15, released on October 2016.
The previous version of this board (Smart Cities v2.0) was designed for Waspmote v12 and Plug & Sense! v12, and it is NOT recommended to mix product generations. If you are using previous versions of our products, please use the corresponding guides, available on our Development website.
You can get more information about the generation change on the document "New generation of Libelium product lines".
Differences of Smart Cities PRO v3.0 with the previous version:
  • Added the new Noise Level Sensor, able to read LeqA (integrated equivalent continuous sound level, A-weighted) in dBA. The sensor achieves high accuracy in a wide range of frequencies.
  • I2C sockets allow the connection of digital sensors, even gas sensors from Gases PRO, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensor or Luxes and Ultrasound sensors.
  • The Particle Matter -- Dust Sensor (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) is now available on this board.
  • New connectors to improve the Plug & Sense! wiring, making it more robust.
  • Added an I2C isolator chip to avoid affecting to the Waspmote I2C bus.