Libelium offers 2 types of IoT sensor platforms, Waspmote OEM and Plug & Sense!:

• Waspmote OEM is intended to be used for research purposes or as part of a major product so it needs final certification on the client side. More info at: https://development.libelium.com/waspmote/

• Plug & Sense! is the line ready to be used out-of-the-box. It includes market certifications. See below the specific list of regulations passed. More info at: https://development.libelium.com/plug-and-sense/

Besides, Meshlium, our multiprotocol router for the IoT, is also certified with the certifications below. Get more info at:


List of certifications for Plug & Sense! and Meshlium:

  • CE (Europe)

  • FCC (US)

  • IC (Canada)

  • ANATEL (Brazil)

  • RCM (Australia)

  • PTCRB (cellular certification for the US)

  • AT&T (cellular certification for the US)

You can find all the certification documents at: www.libelium.com/certifications

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