Consumption table

The following table shows the power consumption of the Plug & Sense! Smart Water Xtreme sensor probes. Remember that the sensor board can be completely disconnected by turning off all sensors, reducing the consumption to zero.

Added to that, some sensors are quite complex and they have various working modes, so the power consumption could vary. The values shown in the table are averages when the sensor is being read by Waspmote.

Sensor probe




Optical dissolved oxygen and temperature OPTOD

25 μA

7.3 mA

100 mA

pH, ORP and temperature PHEHT

25 μA

6.8 mA

500 mA

Conductivity, salinity and temperature C4E

25 μA

9.2 mA

500 mA

Turbidity and temperature NTU

40 μA

4.2 mA

500 mA

Inductive conductivity, salinity and temperature CTZN

50 μA

15.5 mA

700 mA

Suspended solids, turbidity, sludge blanket and temperature MES5

25 μA

4.5 mA

100 mA

Radar level VEGAPULS C21


35 mA


Table: Power consumption for each sensor probe

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