GPS module


Any Plug & Sense! node can incorporate a GPS receiver in order to implement real-time asset tracking applications. The user can also take advantage of this accessory to geolocate data on a map. An external, waterproof antenna is provided; its long cable enables better installation for maximum satellite visibility.

Figure: Plug & Sense! node with GPS receiver

Chipset: JN3 (Telit) Sensitivity:

  • Acquisition: -147 dBm

  • Navigation: -160 dBm

  • Tracking: -163 dBm

Hot start time: <1 s Cold start time: <35 s

Positional accuracy error < 2.5 m Speed accuracy < 0.01 m/s Antenna:

  • Cable length: 2 m

  • Connector: SMA

  • Gain: 26 dBi (active)

Available information: latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction, date&time and ephemeris management