Programming Cloud Service

The Programming Cloud Service is an intuitive graphic interface which creates code automatically. The user just needs to fill a web form to obtain binaries for Plug & Sense!. Advanced programming options are available, depending on the license selected.
  • No more programming, just configure a web form and the PCS will create the binary
  • Always up-to-date: code is compiled on the Cloud, with the latest libraries
  • Advanced options: Water and Ions calibration, Watchdog, critical battery warning, GPS, Industrial Protocols, HTTPS, encryption (at both payload and link levels), etc
  • Template management
  • New devices are added easily (bulk or individual activation codes)
  • Simple devices management: list, order, search or filter
  • Share your devices with others
  • Three license types: Basic, PRO and Elite
  • Easy licenses management
  • Summary reports
  • Just program any standard Plug & Sense! in minutes!!
Check how easy it is to handle the Programming Cloud Service at: