Cloud Connectors

The aim of this chapter is to introduce the user to the Meshlium Cloud Connector functionality. This section will help you to connect your Meshlium to a third party cloud platform.

Only sensor data can be sent to the cloud services.

Interfacing Meshlium with 3rd party cloud services should be the last step the user develops in any project. The user should analyze if the use of clouds is needed, and if so, that will be the last step in the project. Before trying clouds, make sure all the Waspmote units are sending frames to Meshlium, and Meshlium is receiving and inserting them on the local database properly.

What is a cloud platform?

Cloud computing is a major change in our industry. One of the most important parts of that paradigm are cloud platforms. This kind of platforms let developers write applications that run in the cloud, use services provided from the cloud or both.

Meshlium Cloud Connector

Meshlium runs a set of scripts for implementing the data synchronization from its internal database "to the cloud". In other words, those scripts send data to webservers where the cloud service providers host their clouds. Those scripts are called Cloud Connector.

We have divided the Cloud Connector into 3 groups: "Premium", "Advanced" and "Basic".

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