Documentation changelog

 From v8.7 to v8.8
  • Added Arnaldo Castro cloud connector.
  • Updated ThingWorx cloud connector.
  • Discontinued ThingPlus cloud connector.
 From v8.6 to v8.7
  • Added information about the new 3rd radio for Meshlium Scanner: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE).
  • Added Maxvec cloud connector.
  • Updated information about antenna installation.
 From v8.5 to v8.6
  • Added "Scheduled shutdown" section.
  • Added information about the new "Real Time" mode for Scanner.
  • Added ConsulMedia cloud connector.
 From v8.4 to v8.5
  • Updated information about Meshlium model and GPS: only US models have a GPS receiver now.
  • Added important note in the GPS section.
  • Added "Set GPS position" section.
  • Added important note in the 4G section.
  • Added information for checking received messages on the Amazon IoT cloud service.
 From v8.3 to v8.4
  • Updated Meshlium Scanner section.
 From v8.2 to v8.3
  • Clearer explanation about antennas configuration.
 From v8.1 to v8.2
  • Replaced "Libelium Cloud Hive service" name by "Libelium Cloud Bridge service".
  • Replaced "IBM Bluemix" name by "IBM cloud".
  • Added SmartDataSystem (powered by Sentilo) cloud connector.
 From v8.0 to v8.1
  • Added Libelium Cloud Hive service cloud connector.
 From v7.9 to v8.0
  • Updated information and figures with the new enclosure.
 From v7.8 to v7.9
  • Added instructions to make browsers trust the Meshlium Manager System self-signed certificate.
  • Added the "Security" section.
 From v7.7 to v7.8
  • Added ThingSpeak cloud connector.
 From v7.6 to v7.7
  • Added Alibaba Cloud cloud connector.
  • Added instructions to access by HTTPS.
  • Added instructions to connect to Meshlium MySQL database over SSL.
  • Changed the "User Manager" section.
 From v7.5 to v7.6
  • Added Aveva (Wonderware) cloud connector.
  • Added cloud connector.
  • Updated NEC Connexive cloud connector.
  • Updated Ericsson cloud connector (also renamed to Ericsson DDM).
  • Changed cloud connector name from "Symphony" to "Sparkster".
  • Changed cloud connector name from "RoboMQ Connector" to "RoboMQ".
  • Changed cloud connector name from "Connexive" to "NEC connexive".
  • Added references to the new Meshlium Scanner feature detecting devices on the 5 GHz band.
  • Added field "Synchronization limit" in External Database of Wireless Scanner (WiFi and Bluetooth) and GPS.
  • Added explanation the WiFi and Bluetooth data being stored in UTC time.
  • Added description for the new "Accept only encrypted frames" option.
  • Corrected synchronization values from 200 to 100 fields.
  • Updated cloud connectors classification.
 From v7.4 to v7.5
  • Changed description of the new External SIM/USB Socket version, now nano-SIM compliant.
 From v7.3 to v7.4
  • Added new cloud connectors: Biz4Intellia, Connexive, Fujitsu, RoboMQ, Sparkcompass, Symphoni and Ubicamovil.
  • Cloud connectors are reorganized in 3 groups: "Premium", "Advanced" and "Basic".Added NTP time synchronization description.
  • Added Activity Monitor description.
  • Added FTP access to logs explanation.
  • Updated specs of the Scanner's directional antennas.
  • The upgrading process description was simplified.
  • Added advice about the power supply via PoE connector.
  • Removed WEP support.
  • Removed iQmenic and Devicify cloud connectors.
 From v7.2 to v7.3
  • Added the new chapter "Device connectors".
  • Added new device connector for Axis.
 From v7.1 to v7.2
  • Added new cloud connectors: Arrow (Arrow Connect), Ericsson (Ericsson AppIoT), Haibu (HaibuSmart), infiswift, PlasmaComp (C2M), iQmenic-NexMachina (Labeeb), Redd System (Redd).
  • Updated cloud connectors classification.
  • Added notes for NoIP config in the "Interfaces" menu.
 From v7.0 to v7.1
  • Added new cloud connectors: BaseN, Cumulocity, Ensura, Kii, Orchestra, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Nexmachina, RedTone, SensorUP, SmartCityPlatform, SmartPlants, TechEdge SAP HANA, Telit.
  • Updated cloud connectors: Amazon IoT, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, MQTT, Sentilo.
  • Updated antenna position in section "Contents of the box".
  • Added Bluetooth radio specifications in section "Specifications".
  • Removed SolvView cloud connector.