Important: read me before using

The following list shows just some of the actions that produce the most common failures and warranty-voiding. Complete documentation about usage can be found at:

Failure to comply with the recommendations of use will entail the guarantee cancellation.

  • Do not interrupt the power supply before shutting down Meshlium properly through the "Shutdown" or "Restart" buttons in the Manager System.

  • Do not handle stickers seals on both sides of the enclosure (Warranty stickers). Their integrity is the proof that Meshlium has not been opened. If they have been handled, damaged or broken, the warranty is void.

  • Do not open the Meshlium enclosure in any case. This will automatically make the warranty void.

  • Do not handle the metallic screws of Meshlium. They ensure waterproof seal.

  • Do not submerge Meshlium in liquids.

  • Do not place Meshlium on places or equipment where the device could be exposed to shocks and/or vibrations.

  • Do not expose Meshlium to temperatures below -20ºC or above 50ºC.

  • Meshlium's microprocessor must not overpass 90ºC, or it can be damaged. The user must ensure that this temperature is never overpassed. This is especially important when using the WiFi scanning, because this feature heats the microprocessor greatly.

  • Do not power Meshlium with other power sources than the original provided by Libelium. Voltage and current maximum ratings can be exceeded, stopping Meshlium working and voiding warranty. Especially, do NOT use PoE (Power over Ethernet) equipment or infrastructure, apart from the power accessories Libelium distributes: Meshlium cannot accept voltages greater than 12 V.

  • Do not try to extract, screw, break or move Meshlium connectors far from necessary usage, waterproof sealing can be damaged and warranty will be voided.

  • Do not connect any accessory not provided by Libelium.

  • Do not place Meshlium where water or humidity can reach internal parts of the device or accessories.

  • Do not expose Meshlium to particularly hostile environments which will damage the product, such as atmospheres with constant high humidity and condensation over long periods of time, or environments close to the sea with salt suspended in the air.

  • Install the device in such a way that animals do not have access to it. Ants, spiders, birds or rats can damage the external items and even penetrate inside the enclosure.

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