Meshlium Visualizer

Meshlium Visualizer is a plugin which plots graphs and maps with the data stored in the database. It can also export data in common formats. Meshlium Visualizer is a special software feature only available in the Meshlium units included in the IoT Vertical Kits (Smart Cities IoT Vertical Kit, Smart Water IoT Vertical Kit, etc) and Solution Kits with Meshlium. The service is valid for Libelium standard sensors (it displays the "Catalog sensors").

Please note that this is a paid service. Each Meshlium comes with 100 visualizations. After 100 visualizations, users can contact Libelium Sales Department ( if they want to continue using the service.

Working with the Visualizer

On the top of the page you can use a simple form to make all your queries. To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Select one Plug & Sense! from the list. All Plug & Sense! units with frames in the database will be shown.

  2. Once a Plug & Sense! Is selected, all its sensors will be loaded. This process is repeated each time you change the selected Plug & Sense!.

  3. Select the period of time you want to see in the chart. The "Live" option reads directly from the database, while the rest options read from a file generated everyday by the service cron. For each Plug & Sense!, cron generates 4 files each day, one for the last day, other for last 7 days, other for last 15 days and other for the last 30 days.

  4. Hit on the "Show Data" button and, if your query has results to show, Meshlium Visualizer will show them. The remaining visualization number will decrease in one unit. If the query does not have any results, a message will appear notifying the situation; the available visualizations remain without changes.

If your query has GPS results (data frames with GPS information), the "Map" tab will be shown. If it is not the case, like in the previous picture, this tab remains disabled.

The "Data" tab shows a list of sensor values, ordered by time.

The "Export" tab shows two calendars to select the initial and final date. This feature does not take into account the block on the top of the page, it will export all data from all Plug & Sense! units between these dates. Data can be exported in 5 formats (CSV, SQL, XML, TXT and HTML) and compressed in ZIP.

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