Meshlium v4.0 vs Meshlium v3.5

This evolution of Meshlium includes an important upgrade of the hardware capabilities. The most important changes are:

  • Big step forward in performance, CPU performance 10 times better and RAM capacity 8 times bigger.

  • Cellular connection upgraded to 4G for a very fast Internet connection and data synchronization.

  • WiFi AP upgraded to WiFi b/g/n (up to 144 Mbps).

  • New models of radio module for the 868 MHz and 900 MHz bands.

  • Up to two RF (XBee) modules can be installed in the device, working with the 4G radio at the same time (2.4GHz and 868/900 MHz).

  • GPS/GLONASS capabilities for a faster global location*.

  • New improved design.

  • Operating system updated including new versions of programs and system.

  • New Meshlium is Microsoft Azure Certified (More info:

(*) only for US models; EU, BR or AU models do not have a GPS receiver

Capabilities comparison

Compatibility with Waspmote and Plug & Sense! nodes

Compatibility with current cloud software

Compatibility with other software:

XBee-PRO 868 vs XBee 868LP

The new XBee 868LP module supports some changes:

  • The new XBee 868LP operates between 863 and 870 MHz, making it deployable in several regions throughout the world including approved European countries and India by utilizing a software selectable channel masking feature.

  • The XBee 868LP is also the industry's first RF module using 868 MHz and surrounding frequencies for LBT + AFA (Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility). This virtually eliminates interference by listening to the radio environment before any transmission starts, and automatically shifting to a new channel when interference is detected. This patent-pending frequency scan occurs automatically and in a matter of microseconds so as not to impact performance.

Features comparison:

XBee-PRO 900 vs XBee-PRO 900HP

The new XBee 900HP modules support some changes:

  • The new XBee-PRO 900HP uses greater power transmission compared to the old version. Thus, the ranges achieved by these new modules are larger than before.

  • The XBee-PRO 900HP modules are certified for use in multiple countries: Brazil, Australia, US. Through the new channel selection it is possible to enable/disable the preferred frequency channels within the 902-928 MHz band.

  • The power consumption has been improved compared to the old modules. Better ranges have been achieved with almost the same TX power. On the other hand, RX power consumption has been reduced.

Features comparison:

3G (SIM5215) vs 4G (LE910)

The new 4G module supports some changes:

  • The new 4G counts with many different models, one specifically designed for each market:

    • LE910-EU (Europe / Brazil): CE, GCF, ANATEL.

    • LE910-NAG (US / Canada): FCC, IC, PTCRB, AT&T Approved.

    • LE910-AU V2 (Australia): RCM, Telstra Approved.

  • The GPS module also makes possible perform geolocation services using NMEA sentences offering information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and speed what makes it perfect to perform tracking applications.

  • The new 4G module offers the maximum performance of the 4G network as it uses two different antennas (normal + diversity) for RX (MIMO DL 2x2) choosing the best received signal at any time and getting a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps.

Features comparison:

(*) only for US models; EU, BR or AU models do not have a GPS receiver

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