This Cloud Connector is no longer available since January 2021

HaibuSmart is an IoT platform for business. The services include Enterprise Business Applications that involves near real-time information and the integration of sensors as primary data acquisition point.

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HaibuSmart Cloud

This IoT platform was design to be simple and scalable and Meshlium fits perfectly in HaibuSmart's solutions catalog including Agriculture and other associated services.

The following diagram shows the interaction between Meshlium and HaibuSmart.

Registering your Meshlium with HaibuSmart

Add your API KEY in the HaibuSmart panel of the Cloud Connector tab in the Manager System. Enter your API KEY, choose the Log Level and press "Save".

Synchronization services

Pressing the "Start Button", the HaibuSmart Cloud Connector will be launched. Every time that Meshlium receives frames that are stored on the local database, the HaibuSmart Cloud Connector will send them to the HaibuSmart Cloud Platform. You can check if the service is running with the message on the left and the red (stopped) / green (running) indicators.

You can find further information on our website at http://www.haibusmart.com/meshlium/#/connector.

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